Forestry & Bio-diversity

Forestry and Wildlife Management Plans:

Forest management planning services range from preparing a detailed management plan to technical assistance in implementing all activities. Management Plans are prepared for plantations, natural forests, wildlife areas and watershed systems. Activities

Forestry and Biodiversity inventories and surveys:

We conduct inventories of forestry plantations, natural forests and wildlife landscapes for various reasons depending on client’s objectives. Inventories may include rapid and detailed assessments of a forest stand and wildlife landscapes to determine the quantity and quality of products expected. Inventories often help to determine information about species composition, age, health, site/habitat quality, topography, and operability for harvesting etc.


We do rapid appraisals for forestry and biodiversity projects. We are able to advise clients intending to undertake small and huge forestry investments before significant time and resources are invested.

Economic Valuations:

We can conduct economic valuations of standing plantations, wildlife landscapes and watershed areas.

Planning and technical advice for Tree Nursery Establishment and Management:

We support clients who wish to establish small-scale and large-scale tree nurseries of all plantation varieties and offer technical guidance to site operators who may be less skilled or semi-skilled. This may include making nursery establishment and management plans and result-oriented supervision.

Forestry Management:

We manage all practices of forestry plantations including recruitment and supervision of forestry contractors, preparation of sites, planting, silviculture, harvesting and market linkages. We do this on behalf of clients and ensure quality and standards are established and maintained.