ZWE Consulting Ltd

ZWE Consulting limited is a young multi-disciplinary private consulting company registered in 2014. The company’s directors, staff and associates have wide experience in public and private sectors offering consulting services, providing land development solutions to our clients. Our services include engineering, quantity surveying, architecture, Land Surveying & GIS, Project & Contract Management, Construction Supervision and environmental solutions.

We value our clients for whom we provide services, which is why we place quality and client relationships at the top of our priorities. Integrity and excellence are at the heart of what we do at ZWE Consulting and our commitment to a better universe means that you get the attention you deserve, while our knowledge and expertise ensure that you get the quality, sustainable solutions you pay for.

ZWE Consulting is capable of working with you on both small and large-scale projects with qualified team members  to meet your land development needs no matter the size, scope and/or location.

Through the company leadership, we are flexible enough in our approach to constantly improve ideas not only to obtain, but to retain highly qualified staff with suitable project experience in the various fields we offer services in and thereby demonstrating best value to our business partners and our clients by making available the right individuals and their expertise.

Our Values

  • Teamwork
  • Honesty & Integrity
  • Responsibility & Accountability
  • Communications
  • Technical Excellence

To provide quality and sustainable land development solutions to our clients in fields of Engineering, Architecture, Land Surveying and GIS, Quantity Surveying, and Environment in Uganda and beyond.

To be recognized as one of the leading consulting firms offering sustainable solutions to clients’ land development needs in Uganda and beyond.

Quality Policy
Zwe Consulting Limited is committed to delivering quality land development solutions that meet or exceed customer expectations by implementing an effective and responsive Quality Management System. This is achieved through:

  1. Continuous development of awareness and competence of our employees through training.
  2. Continued development/ improvement of our policies
  3. Adopting new technologies (Software and hardware) to provide Cost effective solutions.
  4. Complying with applicable legal and other statutory requirements.
The policy may be made available to our customers as and when required.
Quality Objectives
  1. Maintain a comprehensive Quality Management System complying with ISO 9001:2008 (certification process on going).
  2. Achieve a very high performance rating, in excess of 90% per project, by providing our customers with the highest quality of service measured through customer satisfaction surveys.
  3. Ensure that all projects delivered are cost effective, sustainable, within time and meet the customer’s expectations.
  4. Attract and maintain high caliber workforce by enabling a good working environment and continued training and development.